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All organisations deliver value through series of activities.

Do you deliver services in your organisation, but require workflows to document each and every request?

Are you in the need of an almost instant use of a required workflow?

You might benefit from one of our pre-defined workflows.

You might need to tailor a default workflow according to your requirements.

You might need to start a new workflow from merely a diagram.

We can help you with all of the above!

Our Workflows

Based on the Skyspoc platform, you may acquire one or more of our workflows.

You only subscribe for each member in your staff who is to work as assignee in the flow.

The workflows themselves are for free.

Requestors or end users do not require any subscription to trigger a workflow.

Contact us to acquire the  workflows that satisfy your requirements. 

Get your free tenant at Skyspoc.

The workflows will be added to your own Skyspoc tenant.

Identify the staff members who will participate as assignees in the workflow.

Subscribe the number of staff members at Skyspoc

Add your staff to the workflow.

Your end users may now trigger the workflows for free. 

Your staff do now perform activities in a structured manner.

You have got yourselves a smooth workflow.